How You Can Choose the Right Luxury Umrah Packages?

26 01 2017

umrahWhen it comes to planning Umrah, one always wishes to make the experience like 7 star Umrah. Obviously you can go for the company that offers you quality services but is that company even legit or offering you reliable services. Choosing a company that provides you so could be a little tough sometimes. Thus, here are some guidelines you need to know before settling on some company for Umrah:

  1. The main thing that every authentic company knows are the rules and procedures of performing Umrah. If the company knows them well then you can say it is something you can go for. This is something very vital.
  2. The next thing comes selecting the right luxury Umrah packages. Take a good look at the package that includes the details of every hotel you would have your stay in. The particulars of the hotels also needs to be checked. The most important detail here is to check the distance between the hotel you would stay at and Haram.
  3. The Saudi Arabian ministry of Umrah and Hajj authorized companies offering Umrah services are the ones to go for. You need to lay emphasis on this as you don’t want to get caught in something scam.
  4. Choosing convenient Umrah packages makes your Umrah time comfortable when it comes to the flight, food, hotel and etc.

You can choose the best Umrah packages from Affordable and luxury packages are available with quality services. If your budget is a little tight then you can find the best deals from here.

Make umrah booking 2017 timely to avoid inconvenience

24 01 2017

Keeping in mind your umrah plans in the year 2017, you should choose from the easily available umrah packages and make umrah booking in 2017 in a timely manner. It depends on you that what duration you select for your packages whenever you wish to travel to Holy country of Saudi Arabia. You may start your new year by availing a cost effective umrah package in January. Going for umrah in January, February and March is perfect as the climate of the Madina and Mecca is best suited to pilgrims coming from different parts of the world.

kaaba1Therefore you can access the comfortable umrah packages at very cheap prices. With every package there is given a detail of all the facilities that the particular package offers to the people. Most of the time the traveling agencies try to ensure that the hotel is closes to the holy mosque. Also they try their level best to make sure that all the activities related to Umrah visa processing and everything else is carried out in a hustle free manner. The purpose of these packages by the traveling agents is to make sure that the pilgrims are focused on what they are visiting the holy city for and that they do not have to worry about the food, accommodation, flight tickets and so on.

In order to enjoy performing Umrah in a painless manner, it is suggested that one should be in partner with a reliable traveling agent.  AmannUmrah is one such renowned name in the industry, serving people since 2001. Try your luck with them.

Umrah visa rules for pilgrims

20 01 2017

If you are looking forward to go for umrah and if you are looking forward to have cost effective umrah tour 2017  then you must be aware of the rules that must be followed while applying for the umrah visa.

2017 umrah

Rules for umrah visa:

  • The applicant is required to submit the relevant documents a month (30 days) before he or she travels.
  • Passport of the women is acceptable only when her relationship with Mehram is mentioned on the passport.
  • Visa for Umrah cannot be used for any other purpose other than the Umrah.
  • People who get Umrah visa and then they stay longer than allowed or if they start working, then they should keep in mind that they are legally not allowed to do that and hence they should be prepared for the strict legal actions against them.
  • Umrah visa is neither a residence visa nor a work visa.
  • In case you are going with your family then you are supposed to provide the details of each and every person explicitly.
  • If you intend to visit any other place while your stay in Saudi Arabia then you should inform your agency so that they will make the other arrangements.
  • Make sure your medical data can be accessed by the Saudi authorities anytime.
  • If you are a Muslim but you have a name that appears as a non Muslim, then you need to submit a certificate that is dually signed by a religious center declaring that your religion is Islam.

If you are looking forward to make use of the affordable luxury Umrah then you should consult Amann Umrah.

With Umrah Packages 2017 you focus on what is important

18 01 2017

With an unlimited number of Muslims visiting to perform Umrah, there is nothing hidden that why people find it easy to select a package from Umrah booking 2017 that makes the difference. There are several reasons why people should go for this religious ritual via expert agency and they are as follows:

  • Umrah is an important part of the belief of the Muslims. It is not a vacation or a holiday and hence it is viewed with solemn respect that it deserved. This is something that a travel agent can facilitate the people with.
  • It is suggested to make reservation with an expert traveling agency capable of providing facilitation to pilgrims. At times simple journeys come across issues and hence booking through reliable traveling agent saves people from all kinds of issues and provides them with peace of mind.
  • Quality of services offered by group and tailormade umrah packages ensures that pilgrims do not worry for the other issues like food, accommodation, transportation etc but to perform the religious rituals.


With umrah packages offered by Amann Umrah, we offer high quality privacy, luxury, and comfort to our customers. It is our expert team of professional dedicated to serve the customers by satisfying their needs. It has been since 2001 that we are in the industry following all the regulatory changes made by Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. All you need to do is to contact us and allow us to serve you with our reliable services in reasonable price range.


Visitors of Umrah in Saudi Arabia are well taken care of with top umrah packages

16 01 2017

There is no place on Erath that hosts large number of people that is hosted by Mecca and Madinah. People do not go to these places for the sake entertainment only but they visit these cities for the fulfillment of certain religious obligations. Muslims from all parts of the world make use of the top Umrah packages so that they can perform the Umrah rituals in a focused and care free manner.

With the introduction of these convenient Umrah packages, pilgrims no more need to worry about their flights, transports during the stay, accommodation and so much during their umrah. It will be very right to say that these packages enable the pilgrims to complete their religious obligations with convenience and peace of mind. Companies offering these packages are responsible to take care of the ticket booking, flights schedule, visa processing, transport, and accommodation etc.

These comfortable umrah are usually of two types i.e. tailor-made packages and group packages. Tailor made packages are meant for individuals while group packages are meant for the groups of people that travel for umrah as groups. The purpose of offering different kinds of packages is to meet the needs and budget requirements of different people. Amann Umrah is one of the reliable names in this industry. If you are looking forward to go for umrah in near future then it is suggested to visit their website i.e. to know details about the packages that they offer. It has been more than a decade that the company is in industry and hence you will not regret to make use of their packages for Umrah.