What Happens When You Overstay with the Umrah Visa?

28 04 2017

Individuals ought to be clear in their psyches that they ought to take after every one of the principles and control identified with Umrah packages. Indeed, the Umrah packages educate you concerning to what extent greatest you can remain in Saudi Arabia on Umrah visa from Pakistan. In the event that, explorers are found over remaining on Umrah visa and has been discovered working some place in Saudi Arabia then he or she would be taken into the authority there and afterward and will be rebuffed by the punishments that they have chosen. Underlined is a rundown of the punishments that individuals outstaying in Saudi Arabia need to go over:

  • One month jail or a fine of 1,000 Saudi Riyals or them two.
  • Copy of his everything reports will be sent to the pertinent office to ensure that the individual is not given Umrah visa and in addition visit visa again before a time of his expelling from Saudi Arabia.
  • The outstaying will be extradited at the individual’s cost.

umrahOne ought to dependably be cautious in choosing the voyaging organization that has the refreshed information about the most recent tenets and directions identified with the Umrah visa. AmannUmrah is one such voyaging office serving pioneers since 2001. They keep them refreshed with every one of the progressions that Saudi and Pakistani governments declare identified with the Umrah visa. They offer 5 star Umrah package 2017 so that individuals from various ages, hovers and with various necessities may discover these packages culminate. Select the package that meets your altered needs.

Booking 2017 Packages for Umrah

24 04 2017

Umrah is known to be a standout amongst the most religious commitments for the Muslims in all parts of the world and they are normally anxious to perform Umrah. Every one of the Muslims, from any piece of the world who are monetarily solid and fit to hold up under the costs to perform Umrah, ardently take after the sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and perform Umrah. Thousands of Muslims around the globe visit the Holy nation of Saudi Arabia to play out their religious obligations. On the off chance that you are wanting to perform Umrah in the New Year, then it is very proposed that one ought to make booking for the best Umrah packages rates Pakistan in opportune way. It is on the grounds that huge number of individuals extremely year visit Mecca and Madina for the recognition of the religious ceremonies and things should be done in a pre-characterized way.


Umrah is one of those religious ceremonies that one can perform around the year as there is no time bar. Opposite to hajj where there is a settled time and date for its recognition, it totally relies on upon you that when you need to perform Umrah. There are effortlessly open Umrah packages that encourage the Muslims to play out this religious commitment with extraordinary accommodation and genuine feelings of serenity. An expansive number of individuals make utilization of the best Umrah packages Pakistan offered by several flying out operators to complete their religious customs identified with Umrah. AmannUmrah is on such solid voyaging operator serving the general population since 2001. They can be gotten to get most extreme advantage identified with the Umrah packages.

Economical Umrah Packages

23 04 2017

It is wish of each Muslim to perform Umrah and Hajj. In the meantime there voyaging organizations that offer best Umrah packages Pakistan for the debilitated individuals. It is the making a trip organization that requirements to ensure that there are appropriate offices accessible for the impaired travelers. Neighborhood transport is accessible amid the Umrah and Hajj seasons. Transports are not equipped for giving the wheelchairs. Here at the end of the day the travel operators need to guarantee that they have made all the essential game plans finished with private taxi and transportation firms in Makkah and Madina. On the off chance that these courses of action have been made well before time, it permits the impaired explorers to play out the religious exercises in a simple way with finish fixation.


Just like that accommodations for Umrah and Hajj are provided in the hotels. These accommodations are ordinarily all around decorated with the offices like wheel seats and lifts for the impaired explorers. At the end of the day the voyaging organization educates the lodging experts to offer those rooms to these individuals that are very much intended for these unique individuals e.g. the toilets are outlined particularly for these individuals.

AmaanUmrah is known in this industry for offering VIP Umrah packages 2017-2018 for the crippled individuals. The motivation behind such packages is to guarantee that impaired individuals play out their religious ceremonies with free personality. The organization has been serving individuals since year 2001 and they have been taking after all the administrative changes by the Pakistani and in addition Saudi Arabian government. It is to guarantee that their clients make the most of their packages similarly for everybody.

Applying for Visa to Perform Umrah

20 04 2017


When it is about making utilization of making a trip to some other nation, it is profoundly proposed that one ought to guarantee that one picks an endorsed travel specialist for the reason. You can go for booking packages from the Umrah tours 2017. You would need to invest enough energy on the web and peruse for a solid travel agent in this respects.

For this reason, most importantly, you have to choose an Umrah package that addresses every one of your issues and necessities. Typically, these packages cover travel, stay and all other pertinent courses of action. There are packages that are there for 15 days, 21 days, a month et cetera. The agent that you will choose for you will apply for the visa and it would take up to 4 weeks. The organization will be dependable to reveal to you that when you will go to Saudi Arabia, and they will give you the tickets, lodging points of interest and movement and so on.

With such a variety of alternatives around, it is truly hard to choose an advantageous Umrah package. There are sure sites that are experts in offering Umrah packages as per the prerequisites of the pioneers. AmannUmrah is one such trust commendable name in this specific industry and has been there since 2001. They are putting forth redid Umrah packages so that however many as could be expected under the circumstances may make utilization of it. There are packages that range from economy Umrah packages to 5 star Umrah package 2017. It relies on upon you that which package you need to receive for you with free personality.

Best Guide for You to Perform Umrah

14 04 2017

If you are worrying your mind off for Umrah tours 2017, then you need to stop wondering because you will definitely find a number of good ones if you spend your spare time browsing. For the pilgrims, there are a lot of umrah packages that are super convenient. It is full chance that you can end up with a good one. You must make sure that the agency you choose for your travelling is worth all of the trouble. However, before you do all that, do you know how to perform Umrah?


  • The first thing that you must do while preparing for Umrah is to take a bath, cut your nails and your hair. Before travelling it is recommended that you offer 2 rakatnafal.
  • Now that is the point where the Umrah starts and it is the first step to Umrah where all of the pilgrims are required to wear irham.
  • The next important step is the Tawaf. During tawaf, it is suggested that men should keep thir right shoulder bare and once done, they can cover their shoulder.
  • The next place is the Maqam e Ibrahim that you need to visit. You must offer 2 rakat there.
  • After that, drink aab e zamzam and then come back to the hijr e aswad.
  • As the last part of Umrah, you must shave all of your hair. For the men, it is all of the hair and for the women it is a couple centimeters of hair to be cut.

AmannUmrah is considered to be one of the best names that are providing pilgrims with economical and 5 star Umrah package 2017.

Documents Important before Booking for Umrah Tour

11 04 2017

It is known to every last Muslim that Umrah is one of the purest loves of Almighty ALLAH. It is performed in Saudi Arabia. Huge quantities of individuals perform Umrah consistently. There is no settled time term to perform Umrah. Making a trip to Saudi Arabia has number of alternatives that a Muslim can receive. It is subsequently proposed that individuals ought to make utilization of the Umrah tours 2017 to guarantee that they achieve the goal with no hustle.

umrahGive us a chance to begin with the visa application prepare that how you ought to apply, what is the methodology for doing that and which reports are required to be submitted to the concerned specialists. Numerous organizations are there in Saudi Arabia to manage the pilgrimage with the Umrah travel agency Pakistan running offices in Pakistan under the Saudi government. They are in charge of taking care of  the Umrah courses of action.


You require the following documents:

  • 4 duplicates of blue background photos with size 4px by 6px. Women ought to have it with scarf as indicated by the necessities of Saudi Arabia.
  • Copy of national character card.
  • Passport must have legitimacy up to no less than 8 months alongside couple of clear pages.
  • “B” form in case kids are traveling along
  • Health certificate

Aside from this need is to guarantee that one is in contact with an office that offers helpful Umrah packages. AmannUmrah is one of the solid names in the business serving the explorers willing to perform Umrah since 2001.

Meaning of Performing Umrah in Makkah, Saudi Arabia

7 04 2017


Appropriate from the earliest starting point, travel for the Umrah fills in as an implication. The Muslims wear Ihram before boarding for this journey. It is the clothing standard for Umrah and hajj. There is no particular limitation on the ladies and thus they can wear their any humble dresses that keep up the Hijab and it ought not to be comprised of silk. Ihram comprises of two unsewn bits of garments. You may think that it is acquainted with something and yes you are correct. It is an image of Muslim’s entombment get which is additionally named as kafan. Prior to a Muslim is covered into the grave his body is wrapped into white kafan. Subsequently, the kafan symbolizes the start of our last trip which begins directly after somebody kicks the bucket. So also when a traveler wears an ihram, h is helped to remember his voyage. When he is wearing ihram, and removes his sewed garments, he is really deserting the common materialistic things where he or she obtains the condition of lowliness, humbleness, and accommodation to the unrivaled Lord. When you have any goal to perform Umrah this year, then you need to search for a legit travel agency for getting the right Umrah packages 2017 prices Pakistan.

With this, you require not to stress over anything. These travel agencies offer VIP Umrah packages 2017-2018 that have been intended to address the issues and prerequisites of clients from fluctuated foundations. AmaanUmrah in this respects is a solid name and has been serving this industry since 2001.

Overstay Stay with Your Umrah Visa

4 04 2017

It ought to be clear in each one’s mind that outstaying in Saudi Arabia is one of the unlawful exercises. One can just remain legitimately as indicated by the assigned time that Umrah visa from Pakistan permits one to. In the extremely same way, the travelers are not permitted to work, either deliberately or on installment, on an Umrah visa.


Until couple of years back, there were patterns where individuals used to remain past the time they were permitted to remain in Saudi Arabia and they remained uncaught. They were notwithstanding looking for the business and stayed in a sheltered situation. With the progression of time, when the quantity of cases identified with infringement expanded, the Saudi government changed its tenets identified with the general population going ahead Umrah visa. Likewise, they presented the new and strict punishments to ensure individuals don’t disregard the tenets and directions.

So in the event that you are anticipating go to Saudi Arabia for Umrah, then as a matter of first importance you have to ensure that you get into contact with an expert and dependable travel agent. AmannUmrah is one of the solid names when it is about contracting them for Umrah packages. They are in the business since 2001. They are very much aware of the changing and the most recent principles and controls of the Saudi and in addition Pakistani government. In this manner, working with them guarantees that individuals are in safe hands. Search for their best Umrah packages Pakistan and select the one that addresses every one of your issues and prerequisites.