Applying for Visa to Perform Umrah

20 04 2017


When it is about making utilization of making a trip to some other nation, it is profoundly proposed that one ought to guarantee that one picks an endorsed travel specialist for the reason. You can go for booking packages from the Umrah tours 2017. You would need to invest enough energy on the web and peruse for a solid travel agent in this respects.

For this reason, most importantly, you have to choose an Umrah package that addresses every one of your issues and necessities. Typically, these packages cover travel, stay and all other pertinent courses of action. There are packages that are there for 15 days, 21 days, a month et cetera. The agent that you will choose for you will apply for the visa and it would take up to 4 weeks. The organization will be dependable to reveal to you that when you will go to Saudi Arabia, and they will give you the tickets, lodging points of interest and movement and so on.

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Visa Rules for the Umrah Pilgrims

7 02 2017

If you wish to perform Umrah and if you are looking forward to have cost effective tour of umrah 2017 then, it is important that you get to know about the rules and regulations while applying for an Umrah visa.

Rules for Umrah Visa

  • It is important for the applicant to submit his/her documents a month before departure.
  • Passport of the women is acceptable only when her relationship with Mehram is mentioned on the passport.
  • A woman can only perform Umrah if her relationship with a Mehram is mentioned on her passport.
  • Once you get your Umrah visa then you cannot use it for any other purpose.
  • If the people decide to stay longer than they should or if they start to work their then they should know that they are not legally a citizen of Saudi Arabia and they must leave as soon as possible.
  • The Umrah visa is not for residence or for work.
  • If you are going with your family then it is important that you provide all of the details.
  • If your name gets submitted as a non-Muslim then it is important for you to prepare a certificate that proves that you are a Muslim.
  • If you wish to visit other places while staying in Saudi Arabia then you must inform your agency so that they can make your arrangements according to your trip.
  • If you are a Muslim but you have a name that appears as a non-Muslim, then you need to submit a certificate that is dually signed by a religious center declaring that your religion is Islam.

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With Umrah Packages 2017 you focus on what is important

18 01 2017

With an unlimited number of Muslims visiting to perform Umrah, there is nothing hidden that why people find it easy to select a package from Umrah booking 2017 that makes the difference. There are several reasons why people should go for this religious ritual via expert agency and they are as follows:

  • Umrah is an important part of the belief of the Muslims. It is not a vacation or a holiday and hence it is viewed with solemn respect that it deserved. This is something that a travel agent can facilitate the people with.
  • It is suggested to make reservation with an expert traveling agency capable of providing facilitation to pilgrims. At times simple journeys come across issues and hence booking through reliable traveling agent saves people from all kinds of issues and provides them with peace of mind.
  • Quality of services offered by group and tailormade umrah packages ensures that pilgrims do not worry for the other issues like food, accommodation, transportation etc but to perform the religious rituals.


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