What Happens When You Overstay with the Umrah Visa?

28 04 2017

Individuals ought to be clear in their psyches that they ought to take after every one of the principles and control identified with Umrah packages. Indeed, the Umrah packages educate you concerning to what extent greatest you can remain in Saudi Arabia on Umrah visa from Pakistan. In the event that, explorers are found over remaining on Umrah visa and has been discovered working some place in Saudi Arabia then he or she would be taken into the authority there and afterward and will be rebuffed by the punishments that they have chosen. Underlined is a rundown of the punishments that individuals outstaying in Saudi Arabia need to go over:

  • One month jail or a fine of 1,000 Saudi Riyals or them two.
  • Copy of his everything reports will be sent to the pertinent office to ensure that the individual is not given Umrah visa and in addition visit visa again before a time of his expelling from Saudi Arabia.
  • The outstaying will be extradited at the individual’s cost.

umrahOne ought to dependably be cautious in choosing the voyaging organization that has the refreshed information about the most recent tenets and directions identified with the Umrah visa. AmannUmrah is one such voyaging office serving pioneers since 2001. They keep them refreshed with every one of the progressions that Saudi and Pakistani governments declare identified with the Umrah visa. They offer 5 star Umrah package 2017 so that individuals from various ages, hovers and with various necessities may discover these packages culminate. Select the package that meets your altered needs.



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